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HD-AMP1 får utmärkelsen "Editors Choice" i Hi-Fi Choice

mar 25, 2016
Nya Music Link-serien från Marantz bevisar att goda ting kommer i små förpackningar.

Marantz HD-AMP1 har fått en fantastisk recension från Hi-Fi Choice som dessutom utsåg den som vinnare av "Editors Choice" Award.

“…the HD-AMP1 is anything but feeble, either in the way it can drive even demanding speakers or the excellent control it exerts over them.”

“Good things, small packages” is the consistent thought when playing music through the Marantz, so well does it both crash out rock and electronica with serious conviction and display excellent detail and ambiance with simpler, more atmospheric recordings.”

“…the ability of the Marantz to give a ‘listen-in’ experience is striking, but as with just about every mainstream product from this company the most impressive thing is the way it can make even the most familiar, “heard it a million times on the radio” track come up fresh and bursting with life, making the listener hear it anew and with a rapidly spreading silly grin.”

“…while the intimacy of Coltrane’s ‘My Favourite Things’ set, in 24-bit/192kHz, reveals again just how the subtlest nuances are used by this DAC/amp combination to enhance the listener’s involvement in the music.”

“For all that, the HD-AMP1 is more than adept at doing the down and dirty thing, too, whether with the slightly bonkers blues of Ironing Board Sam’s ‘Super Spirit’ set or the thunder of Thin Lizzy in their pomp.”