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NR1606 "Best Buy" i Home Cinema Choice!

nov 24, 2015
Toppbetyg för NR1606 i recensionen från Home Cinema Choice.

“Props should go to Marantz for the work it’s done on setup. This receiver is friendlier than a pack of Golden Retrievers. Once powered up, you’re guided through every aspect….”


“In flight, the NR1606 sounds unfettered and spacious. When Han returns to the rebel base on Hoth (‘The Empire Strikes Back’, Sky 5.1), the soundstage is awash with crackling, peeping droids – there’s cavernous space and width. As Kara Jor-El boards her teen-pod to earth (‘Supergirl’ pilot, Sky 1, 5.1), volcanic thunder ripples top left, while the score floats cinematically wide. Both highly satisfying.”


“I’ve auditioned all of the previous Marantz NR models, and I’m fairly convinced this is the best sounding yet. The opening road race to ‘Fast & Furious 6’ (Blu-ray, DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) is perfectly visceral, with gutty gear changes and angry engines just as it should be…”


“Similarly, the opening salvo in WW2 drama ‘Broken’ (Dolby Atmos) is frighteningly tight and concussive.”


“Interstellar has one of the most remarkable soundtracks in recent cinema, and this mid-range Marantz doesn’t diminish the drama. The DTS-MA 5.1 mix throws you out of our galaxy with gleeful gusto (Chapter 9)…”


“When Matthew McConaughey airbrakes down to waterworld (Chapter 10), I began to fear for the structural integrity of my room. Waves lash around the soundstage, incessant ticking building the tension, until the mountain-sized wave hits and a world of water splashes from front to back. Soundbars don’t even come close.”


“The NR1606 is also intense and exciting with two-channel sources…”


“There’s loads to like about the NR1606. This Atmos-enabled receiver is a significant upgrade on its forbears in terms of functionality…,and it’s also and energetic listen.”