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HD-DAC1 rekommenderad i Hi-Fi Choice.

dec 04, 2015
Det var i en grupptest för USB-DAC:ar som HD-DAC1 fick 4,5 stjärnor.

Hi-Fi Choice sa i testen:

“For all-round functionality, this is quite simply one of the best equipped models in the test.”


“Across all the test material, the smoothness and refinement of the upper registers is something that all three panellists pick up on and appreciate. There is plenty of detail and space to the Marantz and it avoids becoming harsh or edgy. With the strings of the Montanari ‘Violin Concertos’ it produces considerable treble energy and relays an impressive amount of detail, but never steps into becoming too bright. This allows the congested Police recording to sound punchy and upbeat.”


“It is very good at sounding big when scale is required and shrinking back down when it isn’t.”


"The Marantz  is flexible and well specified and there is plenty to like about the way it can make music. The headphone and preamp functions are potentially extremely useful in terms of building a system around it and the build and functionality is also commendably broad.”


“Ultimately, the HD-DAC1 lacks a little in the way of punch and excitement to top the test, but with thoughtful system matching this is a very strong performer."